Beside Me

The company have been working on ideas of intimacy –  the deeply knowing of another person and feeling deeply known – for a while now. They’ve explored its many aspects – physical, emotional, warmth, closeness, trust, friends, lovers, colleagues, family, motherhood, childhood, death. And thought about why some of us fear ­being truly known, how things change over time, the intensity of life­long relationships and the importance of forgiving, forbearing and persisting. They’ve also been looking at how food […]

Kick Up A Fuss Collective

Faces of 6 women posing in blue boiler suits and headscaves

Moving Memory Dance Theatre is delighted to introduce Kick Up A Fuss Collective – a new company of older performers. Members of Kick Up A Fuss have been working with Moving Memory for nearly two years, taking part in workshops, performances and training which empower older people to work collaboratively to tell their stories through […]