Wendy Asprey: Performer

“Dancing keeps my brain and body active and me very happy”.

Glyn Burnett: Performer/Facilitator

“Being a part of the Moving Memory company has been a delight and a revelation. It has given me a voice…”

Ginette Casey: Performer / Facilitator

“My beloved children and grandchildren could not believe their eyes the first time they saw me perform with Moving Memory Co. I continue to baffle and bemuse them with my antics.”

Jane May: Performer

“With some trepidation, some years ago, when Moving Memory was first formed, I agreed to give it a go for a week or two.   I’m still there.  It’s been a wonderful experience – liberating, funny, exhausting but thoroughly worthwhile.”

Bob Karper: Associate Artist

“Moving Memory’s innovative performances beam creativity and joy directly onto the world at large – I’m delighted to work with such a brilliant, brave and furiously fun group of people…”

Meire Machado: Performer

“I feel extremely empowered by our performances. Moving Memory is guiding me through this wonderful path of growing older and being creative”..”

Miranda Orton: Performer

““I feel that in my mid sixties a whole new world has opened up for me. I still can’t quite believe that I am lucky enough to be a part of the amazing Moving Memory company”

Jayne Thompson: Performer/Associate Artist

Jayne has worked within performance and community settings for many years and is currently Head of Drama at the University of Kent. Her interest is in multi-media, verbatim theatre and the untrained body.

Sian Stevenson: Creative Director

“Working with this company is a total privilege and, quite simply, a joy. We talk of animating the stories of ‘ordinary’ people; as yet I haven’t met an ordinary person.  The stories I have heard and helped shape are endlessly intriguing, and that is what, I believe, brings depth and authenticity to the work and why our audiences keep asking for more.”

Cheryl Pierce: Development Director

Cheryl has been involved with Moving Memory since April 2023, supporting the company’s administration, strategic development and fundraising.

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We are grateful to our two wonderful patrons, artist, Bobby Baker and Professor Veronica Lewis, CBE


Our current board members are:

  • Georgette Purdey (Chair)
  • Lorna Downing
  • Susanne Eder
  • Pam Hardiman
  • Alice Jackson

We would like to express a very special thank-you to photographer, Matt Wilson, who has consistently captured our work beautifully. Most of the photographs on this site are Matt’s.

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