Moving Well for Health

We believe moving well and exploring personal creativity keeps people happier and healthier. We are convinced that Moving Well – our unique peer-led approach – with its embedded element of public performance, exhibition or installation, brings deeper engagement and a stronger sense of well-being. Wherever possible we work with academic partners to evaluate our impact on the health and well-being of people who take part in our work.

Moving Memory has a strong track-record of making a significant difference to the health and activity levels of the people they work with. The way we do this is described in feedback from the commissioners of Moving Minds – a project for adults with enduring mental health issues in Medway.

  • “Participants in the project have benefited with improved health. Learning something new, increased physical activity, social contact, peer support, being able to express their emotions in a creative way are all evidence-based ways to improve mental and physical wellbeing.” Rathini Mills, Partnership Commissioner, Medway Partnership Commissioning Team
  • “…it was [great] to have the older ladies there joining in and helping to lead the sessions…part of the project’s winning formula.  The experiences of being an older person and that of being a person with mental illness appear to be quite similar – the experience of feeling isolated, lacking in confidence or being marginalised or overlooked.  I think that the ladies had such empathy and great rapport with the group through this shared experience, and were able to talk about this…  the ladies set such a great example to the group by joining in with the physical activities – I think this gave the participants the gentle encouragement they needed initially to get up and give it a try.” Robyn Goldsmith (Medway Council)
  • “…they co-produced an inspiring film with the aim to challenge negative views about mental illness and help raise awareness to reduce stigma. Moving Minds project continues with training provided from Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company members to support participants and leaders to develop their skills and talents to ensure its sustainability.  This project was not specific to older people, however with an increasing older population and need to reduce social isolation this model would be highly transferable for any age range or ability.” Luci Napleton (Medway Council)

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